Bad Credit Phone Contracts

If you are looking for a phone contract and are finding yourself being refused because of your bad credit then this is the website for you. Being accepted for a phone contract can be hard at the best of time and it can be near impossible if you have bad or adverse credit. If you are suffering from bad credit then you don’t want to keep applying for a new phone contract only to get rejected and damage your credit history even further. That is why you need to know how to apply to get the best acceptance rates. If you follow our guide to getting a phone contract accepted with poor credit then you will increase your acceptance rate and reduce the damage to your credit history.

First step is to make sure you apply for mobile phone contract with the network providers and not a third party retailer such as Carphone Warehouse or Phones4U. Network providers are more likely to accept a person with bad credit or no credit as the risk is reduced for them because it get rid of the third party costs involved in the transaction to the networks.

The second is to understand which networks have the best acceptance rates when it comes to phone contracts. We have a dedicated page which outline our best network providers to apply with which can be found here. On this page you can see what network is currently giving the best acceptance rates. Usually our top three networks for acceptance rates are T-Mobile, Three Mobile and Orange. Vodafone and O2 have lower acceptance rates than the other three networks.

The third step is to really consider what type of contract you want. A phone contract can be a good way of really building your credit rating so this decision is very important. You need to think about what you are looking for from a contract phone. The main choice to consider is do you want a SIM Only deal or a full phone contract deal. Both have pros and cons to bad credit customers.

Mobile SIM Only Deals

SIM only deals can be a great way of getting your foot on the ladder if you’re thinking of building your credit up or are starting your credit history. SIM only deals have the best acceptance rates and are also usually the cheapest pay monthly deals for the customer. The High acceptance rate and low cost are due to the same factor, these deal do not come with a handset so have a much lower risk to the network companies should payments not be met. To see our network providers with the best acceptance rates click here.

Mobile Phone Deals

If you are looking for a phone contract that does come with a handset then you will be looking for a full pay monthly contract package. This can be a great way of getting your hands on one of the latest handsets with a selection of minutes, text and data at a low pay monthly deal. Our best advice here to increase your chance of acceptance is to stick to a contract that is under £30 a month. To see our network providers with the best acceptance rates click here.

Applying for a New Mobile Phone Contract – Can you guarantee to be accepted?

Every person that applies for a mobile contract is individually credit checked. Therefore there is no guarantee of acceptance through any of the networks we promote on this website. We promote the networks that give our users the best chance of acceptance and offer a guide of how to achieve a higher chance of being accepted. With our help we hope to improve our user’s knowledge of how and why they may be refused a contract so they may make a more informed application. With our help our users can increase their chance of being approved a mobile contract.

Tips on what to do if you have been refused a phone contract because of your bad credit.

If you have come across this site and you have recently applied for a contract and been refused we strongly suggest that you leave up to a 7 days before you reapply. Simply bookmark this page and return to follow our simple step by step guide on how to apply for a phone contract with bad credit. You will also be able to see which network is currently offering the best acceptance rates by following the link below.

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