Should You Get An iPhone 4S If You Have Bad Credit?

Many people with bad credit feel they will not be able to be approved to get phones such as the iPhone 4S. However, this is something that is not always the case the IPhone 4S is one of the world’s most popular phones which means even people with poor credit must be getting approved on an iPhone 4S contract. This phone may not be the easiest to get approved on because of how expensive  it is so you may want to avoid them but if you are looking to get an iPhone 4S on contract then you should follow these simple steps.

Tips for getting an iPhone 4S with bad credit

If you have come to the conclusion that the iPhone 4S is a must have for you make sure that you keep the following tips in mind:

* Apply directly to the networks: this will give you the best chance of being approved with your current credit status.  To see which networks have the best acceptance rate on a bad credit iPhone contract CLICK HERE.

* Apply for contracts that are between £25-35: the lower your bill is the less of a risk you are to the company so they can be flexible with credit

* Paying for a percentage of the phone upfront rather than selecting a high price contract with  the iPhone 4S for free will also increase your acceptance rate. This is because the upfront cost cover the excess loss a network may lose if you don’t make your payments.

* Look for a refurbished iPhone 4s or try an iPhone 4: These both have a higher acceptance rate than a standard iPhone 4S mobile contract if you have bad credit.

Overall, when applying make sure you do some research on the company first and then you can see which company you are the most likely to be accepted by. SIM only plans are also an option and a great way to build your credit with a network to prove yourself before applying for a full phone contract.

Today our best iPhone 4S deal come from T-Mobile who offer the highest acceptance rate on this handset. Follow the link below to apply for the iphone 4S on T-mobile today.

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